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Crypto Coins Mining Profitability

by Nadja
Crypto mining profitability & benefits - My2Coins

It is not easy to follow on crypto coins mining profitability on a day to day basis, but sites exist to make your life easier and help you choose which crypto to mine at a specific time, based on your mining equipment.

Coin mining profitability calculators based on CPU / GPU & Algorithm

I share with you three of the most complete mining profit calculators. They all allow you to choose the type of CPU or GPU you use, and select the hash algorithm. It will automatically calculate the hashrate for your equipment and let you ajust your electricity cost and pool fees to reflect the profit you can expect by coins.

The three crypto benefits calculator bellow offer pretty much the same features. My favorite stays Whattomine as I found it more accurate overtime.




If you know other mining benefits calculator, please leave a comment and share

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