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The BEST Crypto Portfolio for 2024 (Complete Breakdown)

by Nadja

What’s the BEST crypto portfolio for 2024? Is it filled with Bitcoin and Ethereum? Or heavy with altcoins like XRP, Solana, and Chainlink? Could we see memecoins like Doge and Shiba? This could be the last Crypto bull market where crazy gains are to be had, and this is what I’m holding for 2024!

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00:00 Intro
03:59 Crypto Portfolio 2023 Recap
06:59 Bitcoin ($BTC)
07:57 Ethereum ($ETH)
09:52 Arbitrum ($ARB)
11:15 Optimism ($OP)
12:31 Polygon ($MATIC)
14:20 zkSync
17:57 Internet Computer ($ICP)
21:01 Celestia ($TIA)
24:00 Neutron ($NTRN)
26:24 Injective ($INJ)
28:39 Upcoming DEXs
32:37 Prisma ($PRISMA)
33:38 Pendle ($PENDLE)
34:41 Upcoming LSDs
35:33 Chainlink ($LINK)
37:29 LayerZero
38:45 Axelar ($AXL)
41:56 DeSo ($DESO)
45:58 Rollbit ($RLB)
47:22 SuperVerse ($SUPER)
51:55 Immutable X ($IMX)
54:11 Beam ($BEAM)
56:35 Crypto Gaming Infrastructure
58:39 Prime ($PRIME)
1:00:01 Shrapnel ($SHRAP)
1:02:00 Upcoming Web3 Games
1:08:03 Render Network ($RNDR)
1:09:35 Akash Network ($AKT)
1:11:24 Upcoming AI Projects
1:16:17 Memecoins ($DOGE, $SHIB, $PEPE)

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