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How To: Accept Bitcoins in your Store – This is the Guide for Owner like you

by Nadja
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How to accept Bitcoins in your Store? You run a business and want to start accepting Bitcoin for your business. You can do this with the help of third-party services or customers can pay you in person without an intermediary. Both methods work for both online and offline businesses.


The easiest way to accept Bitcoin payments as a merchant, company or on your website may be to use a Bitcoin payment processing service with point-of-sale integration.

You do not have to be an expert in Bitcoin and understand how it works because the third party will take care of it. These companies can even deposit the money into your bank account in the currency of your choice once payment is made. This would help reduce the risks associated with fluctuations in Bitcoin prices and exchange rates. But none of those services are free.

The most popular payment gateways that can help you accept Bitcoin in your store or business (as well as other cryptographic currencies) are:

  • CoinGate
  • BitPay
  • Coinbase
  • CoinPayments
  • SpectroCoin
  • Coinify
  • CoinsBank
  • Blockonomics

These services make the acceptance of Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency easy and convenient for everyone. However, the convenience is always paying off, so if you want to take things in hand, the bitcoin was created precisely for this reason.

The Most Unexpensive way to Accept Bitcoins in your Store or Business as well as other Cryptocurrencies

Alternatively, you can decide to process your Bitcoin payments by yourself. If you decide to do so, you do not need an intermediary and you do not have to pay any fees. In addition, you do not need a bank account if you do not want to convert Bitcoin payment into currency or sell it for cash. But you need to learn about how Bitcoin works for businesses and how to manage its volatile exchange rate, and you should know that payment confirmation may take longer.

Start by learning how to set up a Bitcoin wallet for your business, publish your public key (QR code) and you are ready to accept the BTC. In addition, you may want to create an exchange account in case you want to redeem your Bitcoins for cash later.

Before You Start

In any case, Bitcoin’s ability to deal with customers in person, over the phone or tablet with a specific payment application may be useful. It opens your business to a whole new consumer segment and allows you to position yourself as a supporter of decentralization and financial freedom.

However, note that technical problems are not the only ones important. Before you start accepting Bitcoin, consult a local accountant about tax compliance. The adoption of Bitcoin for business can be a bureaucratic nightmare, depending on your country of residence.

Is Bitcoin the new way of doing business? We hope so, but do not forget to announce that your company accepts Bitcoin. List your business on sites such as, create online and offline promotional graphics, and add it to other lists of those who use bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.


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