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How to analyze the crypto market with COINGECKO

by Nadja

This is how to analyze the crypto market with Coingecko guide for beginners video!

► Udemy course: (work in progress – training is not ready yet)

0:08 Coingecko review, basic informations, market overview, market cap, and other basics,
2:05 Analyzing max supply, total supply, circulation supply, and charts based on Bitcoin,
5:54 How to find the exchange where our cryptocurrency is listed and what arbitrage entails are,
8:25 The number of coins, Bitcoin dominance, Ethereum dominance, Coinpaprika, and CoinMarketCap,

Explore the dynamic world of cryptocurrency with my latest video! Dive into essential topics like BTC, ETH, blockchain, finance, and stock market insights. Perfect for beginners, I cover crypto news, web3, tokens, ROI, scams, day trading, market analytics, ATH/ATL, and much more. Join me to unravel the secrets of crypto, from gaming and decentralized exchanges (DEX) to market caps, dominance, and hidden gems. Stay informed and elevate your understanding with my comprehensive crypto informations. Don’t miss out on this journey into the heart of the crypto space!

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