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GRAFT: The future of Payment Processing System (POS) – Accept Crypto Payment today

by Nadja
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In a previous article on what cryptocurrency to buy or mine this year, I was referring to a coin named GRAFT (GRFT). The reason why I mentioned it was because GRAFT is more than just a coin: it is a full Crypto Payment Processing project offering instant payment to allow businesses to accept all types of crypto on top of Visa, MasterCard, in a fast validation process which doesn’t take more than three seconds. GRAFT is indeed a Crypto Payment Network (the GRAFT Network) more than “just” a coin.

GRAFT Network Instant Payment: A reality to accept Crypto Payments today on top of Visa and Mastercard

During the last two years the Graft Team developed a complete POS (Point of Sale) solution working on Ingenico and Verifone terminals. Some shops and businesses are already using it to accept payment in Graft (of course) but also in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero etc.. There is also ongoing discussions, within the Graft Team and contributors. about Lyra integration (Facebook’s coin).

They also developed an application, called Crypto Find, to locate places accepting Crypto Payments. The application is available on Android iOS (more information here)

Better than a long article explaining the concept and the functionalities of the  Graft Network, I invite you to watch the two (very well done) bellow videos, in which it is clearly explained what GRAFT Network is all about.

If you wish to find out more about the technicalities behind the Graft Network and get familiar with the notions of Supernodes, RTA, you can watch this other video, or go straight to their site and read through their White Paper and all the documentation and FAQs

Now you are probably wondering why this Crypto Payment Network, as mature as it is, is not more broadly known; fact is, the GRAFT team was so engaged into developing their product, they minimized and undervalued the necessity and strength of communication when it comes to support such a project and have people commit around the project, and gain also more participants in its development (they are still looking for talented developers to join their open source project).


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