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ETHEREUM: As price is rising, mining is more profitable

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ETHEREUM is over 1000 $, highest price since 2018

The Ether exceeded the symbolic threshold of $1,000, a level that was last reached in January 2018. In one week, the price has increased by about 40%, with an increase of more than 17% over the last 24 hours.

The ETH is today the largest cryptocurrency in terms of trading volume. However, its market capitalization of $110 billion is still well below Bitcoin’s $590 billion.

The bullish movement also caused the explosion of transaction fees, also known as “gas”. You have to pay about $10 to complete a transaction on Ethereum.


The price increase makes mining Ethereum even more profitable, and, if it is more interesting if you own an ASIC miner, you can use your extra GPU power to mine it.

I myself use my two AMD 580 cards which reach in average 60 MHs with a return of 0.05 ETH a day.

Of course, I do not solo mine as it would take at least a year to find a block on my own… as many miners, I joined a pool. I chose one which presents several advantages:

  • Location: Closer is the pool better hash you’ll get
  • Fee: The percentage taken by the pool and the method used to calculate it (PPLNS etc.)
  • Support: Choose a pool by the support you can get from tem – Best is to contact them and see how fast they respond (if they do)
  • Hashrate: As your reward is calculated based on the hashrate the pool reports, verify it is accurate with the hashrate reported by your miner. If you see a constant gap (lower on the pool than on your miner) try another pool.


After several tries, I found two pools which responded to my requirements: BINANCE & EMCD

No need to present Binance as the top cryptocurrency exchange. But did you know you can also mine Ethereum on their pool?

You can enjoy a 0% mining fee right now with a daily payment, regardless the amount you mined, and possible extra bonuses.

You need to register first with Binance to mine on their pool. Use this link to start mining ETH

EMCD is a multipool for sha256, Scrypt, Ethash and X11 cryptocurrencies with the largest community in Eastern Europe and Asia.

It has no minimum threshold and commissions…. Yes 0% fee, and payments are calculated based on FPPS+ (Full Pay Per Share).

You must create an account on EMCD to start mining, please use this link to register on the mining pool (this is an affiliate link but be aware it will not impact your earnings in any way, it will only increase ours a bit – Thank you for your support ! ). Feel free to post below if you need some help.

Which miner using?

There is many miners available for ETH mining; your choice will be driven by your OS and GPU brand (AMD / Opencl or NVidia / Cuda).

I personally use Phoenix miner which offers the best hashrate for my AMD’s GPU, with a decent Dev Fee.

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